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Owning a home has always been part of the American dream.  It provides security, stability and an asset to build wealth.  Owning real estate is one of the only ways to truly hedge against inflation. With rental prices constantly rising, many home seekers are finding it better to buy rather than rent.

Benefits of Home Ownership

What Makes Us Different

The Home Buying Process...

STEP 1- Mortgage Pre-Approval


STEP 3- Create An Automated Home Search

STEP 4- View Properties

STEP 5- Make An Offer

STEP 6- Negotiations

STEP 7- Accepted Offer

STEP 8- The Home Inspection

STEP 9- Hire An Attorney

STEP 10- Order Title

STEP 11- Sign Contracts

STEP 12- The Appraisal

STEP 13- Underwriting

STEP 14- The Mortgage Commitment and Conditions

STEP 15- Homeowner's Insurance Policy

  • Do You Need Flood Insurance?

STEP 16- Clear to Close

STEP 17- Transfer Utilities

STEP 18- Final Walk Through

STEP 19- Closing Day

STEP 20- After the Closing

STEP 21- Your Closing Gift

STEP 22- Refer A Friend

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