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3 Effective Procrastination-Busting Tips for Realtors® (and Non-Realtors®)

Have you found yourself putting tasks aside, even if you know you have to do them? Here are some tips that Realtors® (and Non-Realtors®) can use to avoid this lackadaisical habit.

1) Make A To-Do List

This may be the most common advice that we see everywhere, but the truth is, not everyone makes a to-do list. A good thing about doing this is you can make sure that you don't miss out on important tasks at the end of the day. Remember the time when you went to the store and bought a bunch of things and went back without the most important item that you need? That's exactly the reason why lists are so important.

2) Rank Your Tasks

As you jot down the tasks that you need to do, you can rank them according to importance so that you can use your time effectively. As a Realtor®, there may be tasks that you need to do on the same day, but there is also a possibility that you can move some of those around to ensure that you are able to attend to more urgent responsibilities.

3) Practice Grandma's Law

The oldest trick in the book, also known as, "Grandma's Law", is a simple way to help people tackle difficult tasks. This is done by making the seemingly impossible tasks a must, in order to get the rewards after. For instance, "I must put up the yard signs today, so that I can relax tomorrow."

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