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3 Reasons Why People Move South

Updated: Jan 13

Many would think that the pandemic would hinder people from moving, as many things that used to be normal have been put to a halt for the past few years.

With the unexpected turn of events, many have been led to re-evaluate their actual needs and wants in their homes. Is it a haven? A space where one can actually relax and think? Finding a new home in the midst of a health crisis is not bizarre or irrational. In fact, a change of scenery could boost health and happiness in the long run.

If you are one of those planning to sell your home in New York and thinking of moving South or any of the warmer places, here are some reasons why that may benefit you:

The Underrated Importance of Vitamin D

People both young and old need Vitamin D in their bodies to have healthy bones and teeth. Some only seem to realize recently that Vitamin D also helps T-cells fight auto-immune diseases. One of the simple ways to synthesize this vitamin is by getting ample exposure to sunlight which emits UVBs. As the ultraviolet rays reach the skin, they help the body convert cholesterol into Vitamin D3. Simply put, relocating to Southern states might be beneficial especially for those who have lived long in places where the sun doesn't shine much throughout the year.


Winter can be gruesome at times. People need to buy gear just so they can go out. They have to spend time and effort shoveling the snow out of their driveways. Some people prefer to pay others to do it, but that might be costly, too. Living in warmer states may save people from winter expenses.

Mind and Body Overall Wellness

The pandemic has forced many companies to allow their employees to work from home. While this is beneficial in some aspects, this has also caused anxiety and depression to those who no longer have a separation between their work space and home space. Most people living in condensed cities are confined to a single place where they have to work, eat, and sleep. One way that many find effective is relocating to places with easy access to sunny outdoor areas. Imagine doing your daily work while hearing the waves crash into the sandy beach, or basking under the sun as you walk to the coffee shop before your shift. These things may seem tiny, but their overall and long-term effects could be dramatically beneficial.

Wrap Up

It could be hard to predict what people actually want when it comes to climate. Some people like cold winter months, others enjoy all four seasons, and some like the tropical vibe year-round. While weather preferences may vary from person-to-person, it is important to consider one's lifestyle and which cities or states have the best climate throughout the year.

Are you looking to sell your home? Do you want to buy that dream house? Do you wish to move to a different city or state and want to know what the process is? We can make it simple. Give us a call, we'd LOVE to help you!


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