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5 Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Selling Your Home That Could Cost You $20,000 or More!

Updated: Jan 12

Are you thinking about selling your home on Long Island? Here are 5 Marketing Mistakes that you need to avoid when selling your home that could cost you $20K or more!

Mistake # 1 - The Lack of Video

Agents are not doing videos because they want to be TV or movie stars! It's because the attention is on video. Most people today are watching on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms.

Mistake # 2 - The Lack of 3D Tour

More buyers are checking out 3D tours and videos of properties at the comfort of their homes. There are even buyers who are buying outside their home states. You want to make sure that they are seeing as many photos and videos of the property as possible. That 3D tour could set you apart from other sellers, as they can almost feel like they are taking a real tour of the home. Take note that a 3D tour is not the same as slideshows or carousels of photos. 3D tours are virtual reality models where people can walk through and sometimes even measure areas of the home.

Mistake # 3 - The Lack of Professional Photography

Make sure your agent hires a professional photographer and not just taking photos through their phones. The home should be properly staged, taken at the best angle, and with great lighting. Professional photos can help you get multiple strong offers and get your home sold faster.

Mistake # 4 - Hiring a Part-Time Agent or a Hobbyist

I used to be a stay-at-home dad and I learned the hard way that unless someone is committed full-time to this business, you are doing a lack of service and a lack of justice to your clients. Hire a local agent with full commitment, experience, and expert knowledge about your local market.

Mistake # 5 - Overpricing The Home

When an overpriced home comes, it becomes like stale bread and sits longer in the market. The sad part is eventually having a price reduction instead of getting it sold faster if it was listed with the proper price. Overpricing often causes sellers to lose their chance of getting higher offers. Make sure you hire a Realtor® who can explain and show you your home's market value and get it sold for the highest price possible.

If you need assistance in selling your home, or simply want to know about your best real estate options, let's talk!

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