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Preventing Delays Before The Holidays

Updated: Jan 12

The holidays are just around the corner. Apart from preparing your shopping list, today is the best time to take note of things that relate to buying a home or selling a home. Check out our real estate tips for the holidays.

Tips for Home Buyers

When looking for homes for sale, it's important to consider where you are in life, especially if you are one of those who include "School Districts" in your checklist when buying a home. Surely, it is important to choose a location that is part of a good school district if you are planning to have a child that is within schooling age.

On the other hand, if you do not plan on having kids or do not have children of school age yet, it would be best to take that of the criteria, particularly if you are keen to find something soon or if there are good options right in front of you. In fact, even if you are starting a family or about to have a child soon, you still have years to think about school districts. Not to say that all schools are the same, as they are not, however, most pre-schools and elementary schools (on Long Island, NY) are generally similar in terms of how good or bad they are.

Check out this video playlist from expert Realtor Kyle Kelly of the Island Wide Team and see his advice about school districts:

Tips for Sellers

In the real estate market, most residential home owners don't sell their homes at the end of the year. While it makes sense to do this since holidays are around the corner, there could also be some opportunities missed. Instead of competing with other sellers during hot seasons, you may list your home sooner than later and get the chance of selling your home faster with more exposure and less competition.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are buyers who are looking to move into a new home before another year starts. There is something about the New Year that makes people feel the urge for change, reboot, or simply a fresh start. Whatever the reasons are, it would be great to get your home in front of the line. In some cases, people are willing to be extra generous with their offers during this season.

Overall, if you are serious about buying a home or selling a home, the holidays should not prevent you from fulfilling your goals. Instead of delaying your plans, connect with us so we can guide you about the home buying process or help you sell your home with little or no headaches. We'd love to sit and talk with you!

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